Industrial automation control systems

Nowadays it is an often mentioned topic that brings knowledge as well as possibilities not least in the production. Mainly it is concerned the control systems based on decentralization of individual technological parts that ensure the technology control and monitoring.

Our company can offer you solutions meeting the following parameters:

Software solution
Control of complex and simple production processes (effective usage of machinery). Monitoring of media and energy consumption. Monitoring of operation hours, planning of equipment maintenance. Archiving of operation data, deviations, failure states, operation records.
Control by means of fully Czech environment including a possibility of more operator environment. Ensuring an authorized access to information and user settings of the technological process. Possibilities of automatic alarm messages, deviations and operation data to central dispatching centers, sending e-mails, SMS to mobile phones. Electronic documents of the real execution. Quick and reliable service including eventual modifications according to customer´s requirements. Administration per INTERNET.

Hardware solution
Open and fully compatible system for future extensions and additions.
Optimum design of connection of the heavy-current control with PLC automats which enable also a contingent manual or semiautomatic operation. Design of communication networks and sub-networks with a guaranteed requirement response. Administration per INTERNET.